Shinnecock Hills Golf Club – 1954 to 2016

I first looked at Shinnecock Hills Golf Club when I developed topography  using available Lidar data points.

Shinnecock Hills Golf Club Aerial

This time around I want to show how the course has changed and not changed from 1954 to 2016 by comparing aerials from both time periods.

Below is an image comparison of Shinnecock Hills Golf Club. The slider all the way to the left on the images shows 1954 aerial and to the right, a more current, 2016 aerial.

The 1954 aerial might be one of the better aerial images I can find for Shinnecock Hills Golf Club.

Things that stuck out to me when comparing the two images is how the course has lengthened over time and some of the trees were converted into a native, open area. Those of you with a more keen eye on architecture and golf course restoration may be able to notice some of the other subtle changes that have occurred.

Shinnecock Hills

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