The Country Club – Brookline, MA

I found this 1938 aerial of The Country Club. At the time of this photo the club was nearly 50 years old so I am unsure if this is how the course was originally routed or if there had been some modification to the routing prior to the date on the photo.

One of the things that stuck out in the 1938 photo is the multi use of what I assume is the polo fields and a few golf holes. Also obvious over the last 70-80 years is the expansion of the existing ponds, changes to some of the bunkers and some fairways were narrowed.

Below is a comparison of the 1938 to 2016. I was able to line these up almost perfectly to make the comparison a little easier. The black and white photo is the 1938 aerial and the color photo is the 2016 aerial.

Take a look for yourself and let me know if you see anything else.

After looking at the The Country Club, I may take a deeper dive into the topography if the data is available.


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  1. 1938 reflects the fourth routing/design on the property:
    (1) The original 6 hole-routing;
    (2) The expansion to 18 holes;
    (3) A re-routing/expansion in 1908;
    (4) William Flynn’s work in the late 1920s, including the Primrose 9.

    There are a couple of holes that have changed since:
    (1) There’s a Par 3 in the 1938 view that is on the site of the outdoor tennis courts in 2016.
    (2) The routing of Primrose #2, #5/6/7 has changed. Current #2 did not exist in the 1938 view, and what seems to have been #5 was split into what is now #6 and #7. The mystery for me is that there should be 27 green sites on the property – and I can only find 26 in the 1938 photo. Where is the 9th Primrose hole?

    1. Thanks for the info. Would a later aerial (1955 or late 1970s) show anything different. Regarding the last green, do the property limits look correct?

  2. The property limits are certainly correct.

    I presume the changes to the Primrose were made post-war to accommodate the swimming pool and tennis courts. They were in place for the 1953 US Open, when the composite course was used for the first time.

    My best guess is that there’s a little Par 3 over the water where #2 currently is – but going the opposite direction – leading to the current Primrose #8 tee. It looks like there may be a tiny green with a pot bunker where that tee currently is.

  3. Correction to one small error…the Composite Course was first used in the 1957 US Amateur. Since then has been used in every US Am ( ’82, ’13), US Open (’63, ’88), the ’73 Walker Cup, and the ’99 Ryder Cup…and will be used for the scheduled 2022 US Open.

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