2018 US Open – Shinnecock Hills Golf Club

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1930,  1938,  1954,  2004,  2016,  2017 Time Lapse

Historic Aerials

1930 Aerial

1930 Aerial

1938 Aerial

1938 Aerial

2004 vs 2017 Time Lapse

2004 vs 2017 Aerial Comparison

2004 vs 2017 Before/After

2004 Vs 2017

2004 Aerial

2004 Aerial

2010 Aerial

2010 Aerial

2017  Aerial

1954 – 2016 Comparison

1954 Aerial Image


Topographic Maps

Transparent Color Ramp with 5-foot interval contours


Knollwood Club, Lake Forest, IL – 3D Imaging

Knollwood Club – Lake Forest, IL

I’m currently working out a few hiccups with something new, but this is the start of something I plan on dong more of. Aerials provide a great overview of a golf course from above. What they don’t do is show any elevation changes that occur within the golf course. This new imaging method is still in early testing for me, but so far the feedback has been positive.
Charles Alison designed the Knollwood Club located near Lake Forest, Illinois. The golf course has gone through a variety of renovations and restorations over time.  Two areas that are on the opposite ends of the spectrum are the 16th  green and 17th hole. The 16th green has seen a few changes, but the 17th hole, the redan, has stayed true to its original design.  
If you’re interested in more examples of redan holes, Andy at the fried egg provides photos and analysis here: Redan Holes. 
For reference, the 16th Green is on the top left of the image and the 17th Hole is near the center of the image.


2010 Aerial Image
2010 Aerial Image

Aerial Comparisons:

Below are a few image comparison aerials showing the progression of the two holes. While these images do not tell the complete story, they show some of the changes that one hole has gone through.

1939 to 2000 Aerial


2000 Aerial to 2010 Aerial

For reference, the 2010 aerial is the color image in the second slider comparison.  The aerials used are from Lake County, IL, the USGS and the Illinois Geological Survey.

Redan Grading

The next three images show the grading of the 17th green. The contours and grading used to direct the ball towards the left part of the green. The first two images use 1-foot contours to depict the slope of the green. The third image uses 1/2 foot contours to show extra detail.

17th Green – with 1-ft contours
17th Green – with 1-ft contour
17th Hole Grading – 1/2 foot contours

3D Images

Below is the new stuff I’ve been working on.  The first image is the current 16th green and the second image is the 17th Hole as it stands today. The 3D viewers are interactive so please click on the image, and look at the shape of both green complexes.
Depending on your connection it may take an extra second or two to load.


16th Green –

17th Hole –

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Pacific Dunes – Bandon, Oregon

As a follow up to Bandon Dunes, I wanted to take a look at Pacific Dunes. This course neighbors Bandon Dunes to the north and from what I have been told has a similar amount of fine grading leading up to and around the green complexes.

Another brief touch on history –

Designed by Tom Doak and the Renaissance Golf Design group and opened in 2001. This was the second course in the series of courses that make up the Bandon Dunes Golf Resort experience.

Talking to people who have visited, many say Pacific Dunes is easily their favorite of all the Bandon Courses.


Pacific Dunes Aerial

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Erin Hills – Hartford, WI

Erin Hills, host of the 2008 US Women’s Public Links, 2011 US Amateur and 2017 US Open. I’ve been lucky enough to get out and play this one and I can assure you that it is quite the walk. You wouldn’t think much of the elevation on this chunk of land would be natural in the middle of Wisconsin. I got lucky to get this data since much of Wisconsin can be spotty when it comes to Lidar data.

Erin Hills Aerial

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