Pine Valley Golf Club – 1950 – 2015

Pine Valley Golf Club is well-known by all.  Located in Pine Valley, New Jersey, it is often ranked number one in the nation by larger golf publications.

Pine Valley Golf Club – 2015

The course opened in 1914 and was designed by George Crump with a collection of other architects including Colt, Alison, Tillinghast and Maxwell. Similar to my other Philadelphia Golf Course aerial photos, this historic image was taken in 1950 (Black and White, USGS). The color aerial is a more recent image acquired in 2015 (ESRI).

Looking at the aerials, its easy to tell the course has remained loyal to the original design. Many of the sand valleys have changed shape a bit over the years and filled in with trees and other vegetation.  Without getting a more detailed aerial, its hard to determine if many of the greens have remained unchanged.

Take a look for yourself:

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