Chicago Golf Club – 1946 – 2015

Chicago Golf Club

Getting these two images to work with each other was a struggle. For some reason I couldn’t get the 1946 aerial to line up on the 2015/16 aerial similar to what I had done for Shoreacres and Sand Hills Golf Club. Each time I had one point on the golf course lined up, another would skew.  I cursed quite a bit at it, but still want to share the aerial image.

1946 Aerial

Aerial image of the Chicago Golf Club from 1946 that the US Geological Survey had available (click to enlarge).

Chicago Golf Club – 1946

2015/16 Aerial

Aerial image of the Chicago Golf Club taken around 2015/16. The colors help define the course better then the black and white photo, but it also helps as a guide when looking at the 1946 image (click to enlarge).

Chicago Golf Club – 2015/16

At first glance, much of the routing is unchanged and a bunker or two were added. It also looks like the pond may have had a minor reshape, but the old imagery makes it tough to confirm.

If you see anything else that sticks out, let me know.


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