Shoreacres – 1974, 1997, 2005, 2015

After some feedback from my previous Shoreacres post that showed how the course looked nearly identical in 2015 as it did in 1946,  I wanted to take a further look at how the course looked between the nearly 70 year time period.

Below is what I would consider somewhat of a time lapse. There are still some larger gaps based when aerials are available but over the time period, mowing lines, vegetation and bunkers varied.

Shoreacres – 1946 (Photo from USGS)

How I’ve set up the pictures below are from earlier date to later date. With the slider all the way to the left of the photos, you will be looking at the earlier photo, when the slider is on the right, you will be viewing the later dated photo.

Comparison of 1974 to 1997

Comparison of 1997 to 2005

Shoreacres 1997
Shoreacres 2005

Comparison of 2005 to 2015


I’ll come back and update if the demand is there and as I find additional photos. Until then, enjoy and let me know if you see anything that stands out.


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  1. Thanks for adding these aerials, great way to show how a course evolved and how the changes made over time can get a course back to where it was. Not all evolution is good!

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