Shoreacres – Lake Bluff, IL

Shoreacres has been on the short list from day one.  Anyone that I have ever spoke to regarding Shoreacres has nothing but good things to say about it.

I’ve driven past the course a few times, but the tree-lined course makes it difficult to sneak a peek of this Top 100 golf course.

Shoreacres – Aerial Photograph

When I first started looking at the topography of Shoreacres I didn’t really know what to expect.  The larger the scale of the image, the less detail was available. It’s not until you look at the finder grading of the course that allows you to see  what the course has to offer.

Color Ramp

Looking first at the color ramp of Shoreacres, the course is divided by several ravines moving water north and east towards Lake Michigan.

Like all other color ramps I prepare, blue symbolizes the lower elevations and red  is used to symbolize the higher elevations.

Shoreacres Color Ramp

What threw me off was how this course had a majority of green with some yellow and blue mixed in. At first I had thought something was wrong with the data, but after some review, I was on the right track.

Shoreacres – Color Ramp with 2-foot Contours

I added the 2-foot contours to the color ramp shown above to see how the contours correlated. The dark black spots are the trees that line several of the fairways.

The color ramp was pretty consistent with the contours demonstrating that the majority of the elevation change occur when leaving the fairways and entering the ravines.


The 2-foot contours with the aerial, shown below, gives you an idea as to where the contours are in relation to the golf course and individual holes.

Shoreacres – 2-foot Contour Interval

Next I looked at some of the more detailed grading by using a 1-foot contour interval and a 0.5  foot interval.

The 1-foot contour interval you are able to start to see the finer detail the course has.

Shoreacres – 1-foot Contour Interval

I am a little nervous about posting the 0.5-foot contour interval since it is overwhelming, but it’s also nice to see how finely graded and intricacy of the holes.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions. Thanks for looking.


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