Pacific Dunes – Bandon, Oregon

As a follow up to Bandon Dunes, I wanted to take a look at Pacific Dunes. This course neighbors Bandon Dunes to the north and from what I have been told has a similar amount of fine grading leading up to and around the green complexes.

Another brief touch on history –

Designed by Tom Doak and the Renaissance Golf Design group and opened in 2001. This was the second course in the series of courses that make up the Bandon Dunes Golf Resort experience.

Talking to people who have visited, many say Pacific Dunes is easily their favorite of all the Bandon Courses.


Pacific Dunes Aerial

A quick look at the grading of the course, doesn’t show the constant mounts and valleys that Bandon Dunes does, but what makes this course really interesting is the large elevation changes from one side of the fairway to the other and some of the steep elevation changes some of the holes have.

For those that are unfamiliar, usually when contour lines are stacked close together, that means a steep incline or decline is occurring. The larger spacing between the two contours is a more gradual elevation change.

Clicking on the image below will show what I am attempting to describe.

Pacific Dunes – 1 – Foot Contours

I hope adding a little color will make some of the elevations changes stand out a little better.  Below I overlaid 5-foot contour intervals over the color ramp to better show the elevations.  As always, the more red the color, the higher the elevation and the darker the blue, the lower the elevation.

Pacific Dunes - Color Ramp with 5-foot Contours

The final image is just the color ramp without any contouring shown. This image will eliminate any of the clutter added by the trees and contours on the previous image.

Pacific Dunes Color Ramp

As always, feel free to ask questions

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