Bandon Dunes – Bandon, Oregon

So this one was kind of fun for me to look at. I’ve never had the chance to experience Bandon, Oregon and all the golf that comes with it. Instead I did what I could to experience it from my desktop.

A brief touch on history –

Designed by David McLay Kidd and opened in 1999. This was the first course in the series of courses that make up the Bandon Dunes Golf Resort experience.

Bandon Dunes Aerial

The aerial doesn’t make it the most intimidating course. It actually looks like it could be a nice walk adjacent to the Pacific Ocean. Don’t worry though, those thoughts change once you get to look at the intricate detail that went into grading many of the fairways.

Bandon Dunes – 1-foot Interval Contours

Zoom in on any of the fairways. The majority are closed contours signifying high and low points. I was looking closely and think even a golf shot to the middle of the fairway is going to leave you with the ball above or below your feet.

I added some color to the next image to try to enhance the elevation change overall though out the course in addition to fine grading within each golf hole.  As always, red are the higher points on the course and blue is the lower.

Bandon Dunes – 1-foot Contours with Color Ramp

I had originally started with a 5-foot contour interval, but felt that didn’t give the grading that went into the course justice.  Below is the 5-foot contour image with a less transparent color ramp.  As you can see, without getting into the fine grading, the course still has a bit of elevation to it, which is expected with its coastal location.

Bandon Dunes – 5-foot Contour Interval

From what I have heard, get out and play it if you can.  The public access and multiple courses the Bandon Dunes Golf Resort has to offer should make this a must play.

As always, let me know if you have any questions.

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