Erin Hills – Hartford, WI (Part 2)

Erin Hills Aerial

I wanted to throw out some of the topography and color ramps I created for Erin Hills.  Like the other golf courses I looked at, I took a look at 10-foot,  5-foot and 2-foot contour interval in addition to a transparent and non-transparent color ramp with and without contours.


Take a look at the contours for yourself. After looking at the 2-foot contour interval topography, I think this topography is after the construction but prior to any of the more recent modifications made to the course.

If you look closely, you can see a little bit of a skew from the aerial image used to the contouring around some of the greens and tee boxes.

First image below is the same 10-foot interval contour overlay shown here on the most recent aerial I could find. From this image you can start to see some of the contouring work into some of the overall layout of the course.

Aerial with 10-ft contour interval

Below is the same image with the contour intervals increased to 5-foot intervals. More of the detail of the course is starting to come out but there is still room to take a smaller interval without flooding the image with contours.

Aerial with 5-foot interval contours

Finally, the same image using 2-foot interval contours.  This contour interval really shows the detail of the course.

Aerial with 2-foot interval contours

Color Ramp

With the transparent color ramp, I want to be able to give you, the reader, a chance to see what is going on underneath some of the contouring and color. Like all other color ramps, the red color is the high elevations and the blue is the low elevation.

Transparent color ramp with 5-foot interval contours

No transparency on this next image to show the elevation changes without the contours.

Color ramp, no contours

Finally a little of both. 5-foot interval contours with the color ramp.

Color ramp with 5-foot interval contours

Hope you enjoyed Erin Hills. Like I mentioned in the last post, the data was from 2006 and I believe there have been a few changes since then.

Thanks for looking and feel free to contact me with any questions.

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