Shinnecock Hills Golf Club – Southampton, NY

This was an easy decision to be the next one to look at since the western portion of data was previously processed as part the National Golf Links of America detailed topography posted to the website last week.

Established in 1891 has gone through a few renovations over the years.

Shinnecock Hills Golf Club Aerial

Shinnecock Hills Golf Club last held a United States Golf Association (USGA) US Open in 2004 and is scheduled to host the US Open again in 2018 and 2026.

Three holes sit southeast of the access drive crossing the course. Those three holes are set at an elevation higher than the remaining golf course.

Until looking at the more detailed topography and color ramp, I was unaware at how much elevation change exists at Shinnecock Hills Golf Club.  It’s interesting to see how many of the holes used much of the topography. There is approximately 75 ft of elevation change from the highest parts to the lowest points of the course.

This look at the topography goes down to 2-foot interval contouring in addition to the 5-foot contouring. The color ramp is also included in the images with red being the higher parts of the course and the blue being the lower portions.


5-Foot Contour Interval

2-Foot contours show a little more detail. What was interesting about this was that even a shot in the fairway leaves the player with some elevation to account for.

2-Foot Contour Interval

Color Ramp

First image shows the 5-foot contours overlaid onto the color ramp for the golf course. As I mentioned previously, approximately 75 feet of elevation change from the high point to the low point of the golf course.  Red shading are the high spots and blue shading are the low spots.

Color Ramp with 5-foot interval contours

This final image is the same as above, just increased the transparency of the color ramp to allow the viewer to see where on the golf course is high and low.

Transparent Color Ramp with 5-foot interval contours

Shinnecock Hills Golf Club looks to be an amazing course enriched with history. A deeper review of the layout makes it understandable why this course continues to host major championships.


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